Why do they reject Adnan Al Zurufi?

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Why do they reject Adnan Al Zurufi?

Hisham Al-Hashmi

historian and researcher

in security and strategic affairs.

Fears of the Shiite political house escalated after Mr. Adnan Al-Zurufi was appointed as a prime minister in Iraq. Perhaps fear of a new transition to centres of power and gravity, the transition first occurred when the (Dawa) Party lost the leadership of the Shiite political house, and the leadership moved to the Al-Fateh coalition led by)  Badr( organization, this transfer took place because of rising  the armed factions groups and their political wings in 2018, parallel and competing rise to the horizontal organizational work of the ( Sadrist movement).Also, the institutional work of the (National wisdom Movement- Ahkma).But these parallel organizations have not lost their importance, and These evolving parties have become more important, and their armed factions are the most important in effectiveness and influence at the legislative and executive level.

These fleeing militias that challenged the United States and its allies in Iraq developed their methodology for gaining power by taking advantage of the fragility of democracy in Iraq , abusing the influence, chaos of arms outside the control of the law. As well as, made an majority that supports their political vision of governance and legislation.

These factors did not accept the level presented by the major Shiite movements; such as dawa, the Sadrist movement, Alhikma, Badr, Fadilah, the conference The National Council and The Islamic  Supreme Council, all these parties are found themselves faced the challenge of shoulder the burdens of protect Shi’a political gains in Iraq, and continuing the approach of the ” axis of resistance” in exporting the Iranian revolution to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudia and Kuwait.

Perhaps Qais Khazali’s* position was more transparent in explaining the reason for his rejection of al-Zurufi. For him, the new prime minister-designate is on the West’s approach of reconstruct democracy in Iraq, and he is the fighter of the West who tried to demolish the bonds of the active militias power, He threatened that passing al-Zurufi would lead to a Shiite-Shiite war and that politics authority  would be taken out of the Shiite house.

On the other hand, Al-Sadr’s tweet, Abadi’s silence, and Al-Hakim’s calm, would formed a position that did not refuse to assign Zurufi, however, they did not come in support of his refusal, to pass a hidden message from them to punishment the fleeing militias and political parties which stand behind and inform them of their space in influence within the Shi’ite political house, and among this message is that the leadership of Iraq’s Shi’ites will not be to you !

The Shiite political house was disappointed after Suleimani’s absence, His mission had to control the cohesion and harmony of these Shiite parties and groups, which, although they appear to be in one camp, are in fact erratic and violently opposed, they were multiple and competing groups to the point of thinking about physical liquidation among them, and as it said, One hundred years of  pastor injustice, but not one year of the parish over one another, and we saw 3 months after his absence The injustice that occurred between them.

Aborting passing the previous designate, Muhammad Allawi, This action made the Sadrist movement lose its fatherhood to the Shiite political house, but it did not lose the strength of its political influence. Alternatively, Maliki, the Secretary General of the Dawa Party, regained his position as a choice for the Shiite political house, and his office and home became a place of hajj for the Shi’ite parties searching for those who fill Soleimani’s absence.

The fighter Amiri, who improves living in the battle zone and does not improve long standing in the political leadership area, he trusts a lot in Iran and respects not to clash with Sayyid Muqtada and cannot compete with Hakim, Maliki and Abadi in administration, politics and leadership, and he must take the conquest to lead Maliki to reject Al-Zurufi.

Iran  the state that considers the leaders of the reformist Shiite house sees no justification for interfering in the controversy of Zurufi’s rejection.  Wiliest, Iran the Islamic revolution, it sees in the eyes of fear according to the reports of the resistance axis parties, Zurufy “the West fighter” who will restore the dilemma of balance in the Iraqi political house as in 2010, In other words, restore the  balance of Iranian-American power and influence in Iraq .

*Qais Al-Khazali :Leader and founder of Asaib Ahl Al-Haq militia




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