The Dangerous Iraq 2024: The Risk Analyses Investment in Iraq Strategy & Solution

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The Dangerous

Iraq 2024

The Risk Analyses Investment in Iraq

Strategy & Solution


dr.Rana Khalid

Executive & Head of Researchers


MARCH 2024

In business and investment crisis analysis surrounding institutions and projects is the inherent and parallel element of profit and potential analysis. Enterprises and institutions can only survive in the global economy by studying risks and allocating solutions to prevent crises. Therefore, large institutions allocate financial resources to establish risk management systems and monitor crises surrounding or threatening the organization.

States, governments, and official institutions are also following companies’ methods and business strategies in risk management, as security and military deterrence systems can no longer deal with the changing and evolving nature of global crises. Here, we talk about the types of crises and risks not carried out by enemy armies and countries. Still, invisible wars and unforeseen risks explode at unexpected times and cause maximum destruction that threatens the countries’ future.

For example, cyber-attacks that are not limited by any closed doors and are not raced by any government security systems, no matter how sophisticated they are, as well as epidemics and diseases that topped the global scene during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, which united the worldwide deficit and weakness in front of it, and the weaker and stronger countries were equal in collapsing under the pressure of this most dangerous epidemic.

The Forum IFPMC-London has previously presented a report on investment risks in Iraq entitled (The dangerous Iraq 2023) This year, we return to track the level of investment risks in Iraq based on the report of the organization:

Crisis24’s annual Global Risk Outlook 2024 report, Context and Clarity for the Coming Year. They discussed the most critical challenges that the world could face that pose direct risks to investment and the business world.

This report analyses strategic risks, and detailed scenarios are drawn for each region of the world. These scenarios are presented annually to major companies and investors worldwide. Each of the global threats was detailed through detailed maps of each region, and then a global map that combines all the risks and threats and shows the most dangerous countries for investment.

The crisis24 monitoring report, a comprehensive survey is carried out based on multispectral satellite images, images and real-time information derived from smartphones and artificial intelligence systems AI, in addition to studying maps of global conflicts, turmoil and threats in each of the international regions:

African Sahara Region, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, America

Five main threats were studied: security, politics, infrastructure, environment, and health challenges.

These threats make states either:

Extreme red

High orange

Moderate risk yellow

Minimal green

The risks that make countries very dangerous:

–  Threat of kidnapping

– Threat arising from infrastructure

–  Threat to health medical

– Threat of environmental impacts

–   Treat of of political

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