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What is IFPMC

At IFPMC, we strive to help you understand the world and to prosper within it.

IFMPC is a gathering of experts, researchers, politicians,businessmen and those interested in various fields of political and economic development in Iraq. It aims to provide advisory services to ministries and government institutions as well as investment companies in Iraq or abroad.

The Forum provides planning services, feasibility studies, analysis of information, and data for projects as well as political and economic decisions through the holding and management of conferences, seminars and workshops in addition to the units of micro-research to analyse crises and urgent issues as well as provide solutions, confidential and public advice to decision makers.


As a result of the circumstances and complexities of political life in Iraq, there has been weakness of development in all areas. This has lead to increase pressure on various institutions to find quick solutions to the issues and cases, as well as, take action and plans to resolve these issues.


The Policy Making Forum delivers its mission by providing advisory services offering new ideas and proposals on how to best confront the most significant developments in the different affairs of issues and cases from the near to long term.


The Forum links decision makers and formal institutions with the most important policy and enterprise institutions in the world and obtaining high-level advisory expertise to serve different sectors. We also link businessmen and investors in different sectors to decision makers and government institutions through holding investment conferences, workshop and round table.

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