About Us


We believe in research and data-driven change and development. Why?
We value change and development that is based on evidence and providing a cost-effective approach for our clients and partners. Through research and impact analysis we can tailor the best solutions for the most challenging problems.


IFMPC strives to build a network bringing together experts, researchers, politicians, entrepreneurs working on political and economic development in Iraq.

Private Sector:
We help our clients to find the edge to stay ahead of competition.

Public Sector
We help the public sector to develop strategies for better results.


How do we plan to achieve our goals and deliver on our promises to clients and partners?


Through research, we strive to understand the drivers and causes of problems, inform on learning and measure impact.


We build capacities and prepare our clients for success and prosperity through tailored training.


We work closely with local experts to build grassroots resilience and develop realistic solutions.