Time Management

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Time Management

Mehak Sarwar

Management Coach


Time management is a crucial skill that is needed for every business, in order to ensure productivity. It is the ability to effectively complete goals whilst maximising efficiency within a workplace. Good time management allows: your product or service to consistently remain at a high standard; having the ability to solve any unexpected issues in a timely manner without the problem negatively affecting your business’ daily operations; and an increase of organisation within the company.  There are many tools one could use in order to time manage effectively and efficiently. These are the use of: calendars, planners, digital reminders (on your phone or computer), organisers and different softwares (e.g: employee time tracker apps and cloud based time tracking systems).


In order to correctly time manage, one could follow this process:

  • Plan: Establish what your main goals are for the day or future, in advance. Think of breaking the main goals down into smaller components and solutions to any possible complications that you could face when trying to accomplish your main goals.
  • Deadlines: Create a realistic timeline in which each goal can be achieved in. When creating each timeline, try to make the allocated time of each task, directly proportionate to the importance of the task (i.e: bigger tasks which further improve your company should be given more time than trivial tasks)
  • Delegate the tasks and responsibility: Knowing when to share the tasks with your team can accomplish more goals in the day and can motivate your employees. When delegating, think of: How much time should the task take for this employee? Does the task require extra training? Is this employee able to do the task to a high standard?
  • Prioritise: Create a to-do list and order each task from most important or urgent to least
  • Do the task in the time given and track your progress 


As Bill Gates has said: “Don’t make the same decision twice. Spend time and thought to make a solid decision the first time so that you don’t revisit the issue unnecessarily.” When you have managed to time manage effectively within a business, you will see an improvement in not only how your company runs everyday, but also in your company’s success.




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