IFPMC-LONDON award for young researchers 2021

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On December 17, 2021, IFPMC-London announced the final results of the forum Award for Young Researchers, organized under the title Entrepreneurship and Wealth Exploration in Iraq.

The  three winners were announced in the following order:

  • Mr. Ahmed Ali Faisal, with the research entitled: “The Absence of institutional values and its Impact on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Iraq”
  • Mr. Ahmed Kheider, in the research entitled “The Reality of Entrepreneurship among Iraqi Youth: Opportunities and Challenges.”
  • Mr. Walid Salam with the research entitled: “Entrepreneurship in Iraq: A vision towards building a practical model”

It is worth noting that the selection of the winners was carried out according to scientific and objective criteria and a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted research papers in terms of form and content and the respect of the award conditions such as the number of words allowed and scientific documentation.

Six Iraqi researchers participated in the award, who discussed through their papers the topic of entrepreneurship and ways to develop it in Iraq through the adoption of qualitative curricula in addition to statistical indicators and field studies.

Finally, the IFPMC  thanks all the young researchers participating in this year’s edition and renews its full support in accompanying them and publishing their research.





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