IFPMC launched online training in Quantitative Research Methods

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Press release – APRIL 2021

Virtual Training of Researchers – As part of IFPMC’s long-term vision to enhance capacities in research-driven policy making, the first series of online training of researchers was launched on Friday 9th April, titled; An Introduction to principles of Quantitative Research. Researchers from Iraq took part in the zoom meeting and shared their experienced about using quantitative methods. They also shared the challenges faced in the current context, with one female Master’s student stressing that “in regards to quantitative data methods, the material we are being taught are very outdated, thus the student who wants to raise research standards has to rely on personal efforts”.

The event provided participants with the foundations of quantitative methods, including identifying variables, sample selection and use of indicators. IFPMC junior researcher, Abdelssami Gasmi presented participants with important tips to how to choose the independent and dependent variables, methods to selecting your target sample and the importance of tracking the right indicators for the study.

Furthermore, participants were taken on a journey of quantitative data collection tools, including how to design a survey and choosing accurate questions for the study. Dr. Fady Hasan presented techniques survey design and limitations to consider when using online surveys and data collection tools.

To ensure that participants gain practical knowledge of quantitative methods, IFPMC project manager and trainer engaged them in a group activity where they would test their competencies and abilities to apply quantitative methods in different scenarios.

At the end of the virtual event, IFPMC director and head of research, Dr. Rana Khalid emphasised that this is the beginning of a series of online training meetings, where participants will hopefully gain comprehensive knowledge about research methods that will help them both in their studies and research career.





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