Global Cyber-Attack Case Studies

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Introducing Global Cyber-attack case studies

Based on actual research:

Cyber Security breaches Survey in 2018, based UK study issued by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in UK businesses.

-Four in ten businesses (43%) experienced a Cyber security breach or attack in the last 12months

-Three-quarters of businesses (74%) say that Cyber security is a high priority for their organisation

-Under three in ten businesses (27%) have a formal Cyber security policy or policies

Arabian Business media report issued on 04/09/2018; 274 Cyber-attacks target the UAE so far in 2018. Down 39%

(article ref.

The report states

“A total of 274 cyber-attacks targeted government and private sector entities in the UAE during the first seven months of the year, a decrease of 39 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2017.

According to Telecommunications Regulations Authority (TRA) statistics, the decline in reported attacks is attributed to the efforts made by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which is in charge of foiling all cyber-attacks.

Global Cyber-attack is on the increase, but we need to be prepared to prevent this by training all users from the child at home to the mobile user.

  • Our Aim

Reducing risks in the face of Cyberattacks and Data loss Exposure.

Cyberattacks comes in different forms of breach

-Establishment breach

-Breach of Trust

-Neglect of Security

-Lack of training

Cyberattacks can result in a chat through the internet or a chat group (all social media) can aid cyberattacks if we are not prepared to understand what is cyberattack

Cyberattack breach in businesses can collapse an entire company if within an establishment cyberattack is not controlled.   How our data can be secure to who and when

We have to accept the fact The Internet is our new form of life, we have new educated computer generations that have an addiction of exploring the Internet in any form globally

Mis-use of our Data can be used in Cyberattack, a child at home can give security details out on the internet to another user who can be a hacker or fraudster

A family member chat can be used with an Adult acting to be another child These are all Cyberattacks,

Cyberattacks is not only data mis-use but dishonest trust of user in direct effective attack to gain or benefit the world of fraud and criminal world

Personal pictures can be moved round in the internet and in some cases cyberattack contributes to bullying to target vulnerable children who cannot measure the threat of Cyberattacks

We aim to make the WWW a secure safe system to enjoy the main use of the internet to open our world of global sharing with a respectful, honest and clean system.This can only be achieved by educating our user being 4 years old using an IPAD or 60-year-old using his personal bank account.

We have to train everyone to understand how dangerous the internet is by understanding the threat of Cyberattack

Cyberattack can only be controlled if we can control and secure our internet individually



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