Announcement of the Policy Making Forum (IFPMC )Award for Young Researchers

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Announcement of the Policy Making Forum

(IFPMC )Award for Young Researchers



As part of the second edition of the Forum’s Policy Making Award, the Policy-Making Forum received 6 research papers on entrepreneurship and ways to develop it in Iraq, most of which tried to focus on the use of quantitative approaches in analysis and the adoption of figures and indicators derived from international reports or surveys and field studies carried out by young researchers.
Number of participants: 6 researchers
Nationality of participating researchers: Iraq
Topic of participating research papers: entrepreneurship in Iraq and ways for its development
The IFPMC is very proud of these young Iraqi researchers participating in the award, who will spare no effort to accompany them, in order to create a truly knowledgeable society and a new generation of researchers who are familiar with knowledge and research tools capable of producing solid scientific knowledge and supporting various actors and decision makers with the recommendations and policy papers that aim to achieve the desired development in Iraq and improve the lives of Iraqi citizens.
In this context, IFPMC will officially announce the final results on 17 December 2021, during a special session in honour of the participating researchers, which will be attended by the forum team and other guests.
Finally, the IFPMC renews its commitment to the need to promote research, academic freedom and critical thinking in the areas of development, economy and public policy in Iraq and confirms its readiness to support all initiatives aimed at doing so, including reviving and strengthening databases and statistical systems, training researchers and promoting creativity and innovation in all areas.





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