Issues and Challenges of Iraqi pharmaceutical industry..Part2 (Private Sector)

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Issues and Challenges of Iraqi pharmaceutical industry


private sector

Dr. Fadi Hassan Jaber


2021 July


The study aims to analyse, enhance and evaluate private sector of the pharmaceutical industries in Iraq and determined challenges of private sector, by focusing on most prominent factors and elements affecting pharmaceutical industries, in addition to identifying most important challenges, obstacles and barriers that aim to develop and reinforcement  this important sector. The study examined problem of foundations that the pharmaceutical industries suffer from, which is how to build a successful internal investment environment and how to get rid of restrictions and obstacles to renaissance of this industrial sector. Aloe, the study highlighted the importance of owning an effective pharmaceutical industrial sector that contributes to serving the Iraqi people, as it does not constitute the total pharmaceutical production of the private sector is only 7% of the total consumption of the country. The study presented a set of data that represents the shape of the pharmaceutical industries in the private sector, including the number of factories and volume of pharmaceutical production As well to method of distributing pharmaceutical products to the private sector in country and geographical distribution of pharmaceutical factories. The most important conclusions and recommendations emphasizing law regulating partnership projects between public and private sectors. The Iraqi private sector does not have the ability and capacity to fill a small part of the needs of Iraqi society. The formation of teams of experts and specialists to review private investment laws in general to attract foreign investment to Iraq and compare them with laws of other countries Neighbourhood of Iraq. Absence of government support for the private sector even in organizing work in industries Pharmaceutical is most prominent obstacle, opening a dialogue with concerned authorities to review the instructions for allocating land for investment projects in general and health projects in particular.

Keywords: pharmaceutical industries, private sector, Iraq

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