Journalist and Researcher

Raad Hashem Tawfiq

Areas Of Expertise

Researcher, political analyst


  • Bachelor in media/College of Arts, Baghdad University-1987
  • Master’s degree in Journalism_ 1998/ (Iraqi Journalism from 1953-1958)
  • Born in Iraq, Salah al-Din governorate / 1964

Press and media contributions:

  • Reports, press investigations, political articles and studies in many
    Iraqi newspapers and magazines since the eighties
  • Editor-in-chief of Iraqi local news agencies and websites, (Ain Iraq),
    (Salah Al-Din Voice), (Madar News) and others.
  • Researcher and specialist in writing/ preparing political and economic
    research and studies in many Iraqi and Arab newspapers, magazines and
  • Researcher, political analyst, permanent guest on many Iraqi and Arab
    satellite TV channels, as a specialist in Iraqi affairs.

 Working member of:

  • Iraqi Journalists Syndicate since 1988.
  • Arab Journalists Union since 1988.
  • The World Federation of Journalists since 1988.
  • Member of the Union of Iraqi Writers since 1990.
  • Member of the Union of Iraqi and Arab Historians since 1997.
  • Currently, a specialized researcher in the Arab Democratic Centre (Cairo – Berlin).
  • A former member of the Economic Media Centre based in Baghdad.
  • A former researcher at the Iraqi Centre  for Strategic Studies in Amma.