IT and Technical

Ihab Hadi Numman

Areas Of Expertise

IT, Marketing Solutions, Data Analysis


  • Implemented the IT and the marketing sections for small, moderate and large Projects funding initiative of the central bank of Iraq (Tamwil.IQ)
  • Part of the technical team that changed the traditional companies registration procedures into E-registration (online) at the
    companies registrar /Ministry of commerce in corporation with the world bank (Tasjeel.gov.iq)
  • Building over a 100 website
  • Lead over a 100 training course /seminar
  • EMS Lead Auditor ISO 14001 , and ISO 20000
  • Accomplished a project in GIS
  • Lead of multiple focus groups at Gallup
  • Data analysis for Asharq Research center polls
  • Video graphics and logo design for multiple companies
  • Marketing solutions for multiple companies