Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

Mehak Sarwar

Management Coach



Problem-solving is a soft skill. This means that it is a skill one learns by themselves rather than something one learns through education (e.g: addition). Problem-solving is essential in business because every day, there are bound to be issues that arise unexpectedly. As a business, finding solutions to problems creates a work culture of continuous improvement and great leadership; “Success is the ability to problem-solve”. 


The Process of Problem-Solving:


  1. Analyse the problem and find the root cause. This can be done by gathering data and analysing it whilst keeping in mind the circumstances which surround it; “real clarity will expedite the path ahead” 
  2. Think of possible solutions to fix the problem. 
  3. Evaluate which is the best solution to do. Possible questions you can ask yourself when trying to figure out which solution to pick, are: 
    1. Which will take the shortest amount of time? 
    2. Which is the easiest to do? 
    3. Which will be more beneficial in the long run? 
    4. Which is the most cost-effective? 
  4. Implement a plan and use your time management skills to keep to a deadline. 
  5. Assess the progress after you have gotten over the obstacle. Moreover, try to avoid causing the same issue in the future and if it can’t be helped, then at least you now know an efficient and effective way to deal with it. 


As Gerhard Gschwandtner said: “Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity.” If a business can problem-solve, this will positively affect the companies longevity and overall morale as employees stay motivated and ready to help whenever needed. 



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