Issues and Challenges of Iraqi pharmaceutical industries..Part 1 (public Sector)

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Issues and Challenges of Iraqi pharmaceutical industries


public Sector

Dr. Fadi Hasan Jaber

IFPMC – London

2021 July 




The study depend on scientific-analytical-statistical method in order to achieve goals, including most important obstacles and challenges that facing public pharmaceutical industries in Iraq. Which suffers from many crises and plans are incomplete or there are no strategies to develop this sector, which is considered most growing sector by number of its people Iraq today is 40 million. In addition, it is likely to reach 50 million in 2030, with an increase of one million people every year. The local production of the public sector does not represent only 5% of the total consumption. Here study shows volume of local production for public sector and what types of medicines it provides and geographical locations of these laboratories. The study also shows most important investment opportunities in public sector geographically and most prominent of these institutions (General Company for manufacture of medicines and medical supplies in Samarra (SDI), General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies in Nineveh (NDI), Baghdad factory for  manufacture of medical gases and pharmaceutical glass). The most important obstacles, conclusions and recommendations are to encourage foreign and local investors to invest in various industrial branches, by providing concessions and facilities, especially investment in small industries, paying attention to manufacturing industry in order to increase its contribution to the gross domestic product with extractive industry. Relying on industrial experiences in developing clear strategies that are compatible with the industrial reality and applying them on ground. Paying attention to infrastructure supporting industrial sector, reducing environmental pollutants in some industries through use of modern and internationally advanced equipment, increasing industrial investments, especially investment in security-stable areas, as well as speeding up the follow-up and implementation of the strategic paragraphs proposed by Ministry of Industry and Minerals in various industrial branches.

Keywords: pharmaceutical industries, public sector, Iraq

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